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Branimir mingle mall represents a totally new concept of urban destination at the very heart of the city of Zagreb at the address Ulica kneza Branimira 29. With the official takeover and integration of the then Branimir Centar into the Supernova Croatia Group, at the beginning of 2018, the complete reconstruction and refurbishment of both interior as well as the exterior of the entire building.

With the new concept in 2019, Branimir mingle mall represents a unique place where visitors are happy to come to and spend their free time. In a pleasant environment and excellent offer of its restaurants, with the playroom and cinemas, all the way to the casinos and the gym, Branimir Mingle Mall will meet all demands of the new generation and modern lifestyle.

Whether it’s the recreation, business meetings, breaks from work, playing and spending time with your children, or visits to the cinema you will find that everything is just right for you at Branimir mingle mall.

Mingle at Branimir mingle mall – various activities are available throughout the day. In more detailed information you can find out when your favourite café bar is open, or a restaurant, cinema, gym, shop or playroom.

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Mingle all the way at Branimir mingle mall. Just check opening hours for each mingle place at the detailed information. See you.


By car:

Parking in the city centre can be complicated and tedious but waiting for you in Branimir mingle mall is parking with three underground levels with parking spaces. For details on parking prices, please click on the link here.

By public transport:

Due to the exceptional traffic connection at the Branimir Street section, there are several bus and tram lines to reach Branimir mingle mall quickly and easily. These tram lines are available: 2, 4, 6, 9 and 13 that run from the Main Train Station, of which lines 2, 6 and 8 runs to the tram stop in Branimirova. In addition to tram lines, there are also bus lines leading to the main train station, for more details click here.


Centar manager

Ines Bakić Zubak


Media relation contact

Blažena Lokin


Kratkoročni zakup

Mia Sofilić Gaćeša


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